We are CrakRevenue, a premium-performance CPA platform made by some of the biggest affiliates in the industry. We have been generating online leads for over 10 years and have won many awards for our innovative platforms and projects. Our mission is to develop and share the same money making tools we use ourselves as affiliates.

CrakRevenue Reviews

    The Holy Grail of Adult CPA

    I've been working with CrakRevenue for over a year now and I can't thanks them enough.

    My AM is always available to help me and to give me new ways to improve my income.

    Payment are fast and never late.

    Their offers selection is simply amazing !

    Great offers selection
    Prompt payment
    Support team on-point ! (Thanks Yannick)


    They are so great ! I've got the best Manager ever, Heidi !

    I think Crak is just the BEST. Heidi, my manager is so great. She knows the offers (they have a huge selection) and is so nice ! Me and her are like friends already and i haven't been promoting for that long. EPCs are epic and payments are on time.

    I've tried other networks and really nothing compares. Best support, best team, best offers.

    High payouts - Awesome Managers and support - User Friendly Platform - Exclusive offers

    There is only one Heidi :) They need more people like her !

    why go elsewhere?

    I don't know what bestadmin did to get his account closed, but i have been with CrakRevenuefor a little while and I've always got my money.
    I've also spoken with the support MAAANYY times, and they are always so nice and give me full answers!

    Very happy so far! :)
    Sorry for you bestadmin...

    Awesome CPA Network

    I've been working with CrakRevenue for the past 3 years and they are the most professional & serious CPA network on the market. Moreover, they probably have the best platform on the market, way better than all the other networks I've been working with.

    Awesome Blog, Awesome Support, Awesome products

    The best Adult CPA network

    I used to work with Crakrevenue for 5 years and i was never dissapointed.

    I received my money fast and they have one of the biggest range of offers in the adult market. You can search for more information on affiliate marketing forums for webmasters, they are well know and trusted by the best adult affiliates of the world. (I think the guy above you, who said that Crakrevenue is a liar is certainly a competitor or a scammer).

    You can promote so many different sites from the same place, it's worth it!

    Fast Payment
    A lot of offers
    Nice and fast support


    This site is a liar

    This site is a liar! They will never give you payment, they will close your account.

    Great way to make extra money

    I've been a model quite some time and I'm using CrakRevenue to earn some extra cash for MyFreeCams. MFC doesn't have a proper customer referral program themselves so this way I can make an extra 15%.

    The site works really easy and there are also other websites you can promote (not using it that way though).

    extra money for MFC


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