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Chaturbate Reviews

    Don’t Stand Up for yourself

    When I first started on this site I was all for it. I actually looked forward to going to work. Now It’s messed up my confidence. On top of the staff not caring for their models if they’re not what they prefer, I have to deal with other models trying everything to destroy me out of jealousy and greed. Mainly the black foreign ones. I’ve reached out to support because of this and they just play dumb about the fact that my traffic and customers having access to my cam is being tampered with. I’ve given them chance after chance to do the right thing but I’ve had enough. I would leave if I hadn’t invested so many years and also disabled. They’ve sucked me dry of my originality, spark, confidence and style. They have blogs on YNOT saying how they take care of their models and put them 1st but does things like this. Very superficial, they don’t care if your customers like you, if they don’t that’s all that matters. They invade your private life, hack your devices to keep track of what you do offline which is none of their business. THEY WANT everything from AA MODELS but don’t care what white models customers do for them offline. One of their top fav models married a customer. So I’m confused. One even bought another girl a car, I’m confused. Then when I left a review about false information on audible they got that review deleted. So here I am again, give me my justice Shirley and CB team. Tip whoever you want to try and piss me off. I don’t care, All I want is what I deserve. Why is it so easy to do the wrong than right thing??? Well I’ll be the leader that I always have been and go more public with this. You all have 1 month for a turn around. This is not black mail nor a threat, I’m just doing the right thing. You guys should have never spoke on my daughter last year, then when I come back and work with you all you do the same thing again. Well no more. I’m standing up for many who are afraid to do this and I’m sure the highest up above any COO will give me my justice in the end. I’m not gonna be bullied into silence. BLM

    Very friendly site when they like you. My supporters. I would like to publicly apologize to you all because after research I see now that CB has full control whether or not you all can see me, find me or even tip me. So me getting angry at you all was just their plan. I’m sorry Babies

    Messing with models mental health, confidence and livelihood is not cool. Tampering with devices & traffic. Do you really think many of us would be doing this if we had other options. Like seriously, Shirley you seem so sweet, I really like you but it’s just business right? I hope you understand. Time is something you can’t ever get back. I’ve addressed these issues many occasions and went unheard and now I think it’s time I extend my messages to ears who are willing to listen, maybe I’ll make my profits that way. I have a voice so therefore I will speak Sorry. 1 1/2 month.

    Great passice income

    I make a great passive income, I have a white-label. I do pay for some banner marketing by I focus on rev-share so my pay out is maybe 10% of what I make. I could stop even paying for helpful advertising and still make a solid income. Need more animated banners. and some webmaster referral banners.

    Great passive income once you get the groove started

    Lack animated banners. & lack banners for webmaster referral programs

    Good be better

    Chaturbate as a site that I promote works pretty well, but it could be a lot better. They could do some more dropdown menus (to clean it up a bit) and their stats are a bit long. A nice diagram would be really appreciated and they could make it easier to change your payment info.

    Easy to use

    But it looks a bit messy

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