White labels: What, why and how?

White labels: What, why and how?

March 14, 2022

White labels are relatively new to cam land, but they are big business. They are a popular and intriguing option for many entrepreneurs in the adult as well as the mainstream industries. It's hard to deny that this cheap way to make some extra money doesn't appeal to a lot of people. That's why you see them pop-up on every corner of the internet. Because it's very easy to create them you'll see them more and more in the future.

For a lot of paysite networks a white label is even a preferable option instead of investing in model recruitment, site setup and maintenance. With a white label everything is done by the original camsite. The camsite owners as well as the operators and the models can benefit from this concept, because sales increase and traffic grows.

What's a white label?

A white label is a ready-made complete camsite which anybody can use/personalize and create without any technical knowledge. When you create a white label, you only create parts of the outer shell. Often you can choose the colors (from a template), upload your own logo and add a bit of text. Sometimes there are also a bit more advanced options for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The platform itself and most of the time the setup of the website is still the same as the original camsite. You don't have to find models, you don't have to create a payment system and you don't have to pay for the hosting. You only need a decent domain and get traffic to your site to get a percentage (RevShare) or get money for every signup (Pay Per Sale = PPS).

So a white label is not a 'real' camsite?

No it's not a real camsite. It's just a personalized copy of an existing camsite. All the models that are on the camsite are on the white label. All major camsite have a white label program and it can be confusing sometimes to recognize a site as a white label (especially if you don't know the setup of the original site). When you try to sign up as a model or an affiliate for a white label site, most of the time you will be redirected to the recruiting page of the original camsite.

Anybody can create a white label?

Yes. Most camsites have a special white label program. Some are easy, some are a bit more complex, but all in all they are all very similar. VideoSecrets(Flirt4Free), AWE (LiveJasmin), WebCamWiz (ImLive) and Chaturbate for example all have a white label program. If you have a busy blog or if you know (or already have) a good domain, it's easy to make some extra money. For some white labels you have to fill out a request before you can create one (on VideoSecrets for example). While on WebCamWiz you can directly create one. To set up the white label only takes a couple of minutes. If you want to create a logo first and add some SEO it will take a bit longer of course.

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