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Interdollars Reviews

    Owed Thousands

    Been promoting this programs for years and up until 2014 it was doing well. After that the program put pressure on me and said they would only pay me if I sent them more traffic with new joins. They didn't like to pay for rebills. Their program often went into stealth mode where it would stop recording sales and rebills for weeks. I made test purchases and they were never showing in stats. They blamed it on NATS and told me to talk to the software developers. LOL. In 2020 they required affiliates to sign up again as they claimed data was lost. They never paid the balance owed. The staff expressively said they were not sorry or in any way responsible for payments to affiliates. Exactly they said: We do not apologise.

    an alternative to others ... not really

    ignorant staff

    Unpaid for months

    This program does not pay. Their website is defunct since October 2017. While they collect traffic from affiliates via Nats codes, they do not pay for several months. The logins aren't working and they scrapped webmaster referrals silently a year before that. After they had a server failure, they are unable to restore affiliate database for over 2 months. No payments for existing rebills.


    The program is out of order and they do not pay for 3 months.

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