RIV is the site of RIV Group SA. The leader in online entertainment since 2005, RIV Group SA has managed RIV, transforming it from a small site with a few hundred members to the best known webcam community in Italy. RIV Group SA has its head offices in the United States and also operates in telecommunications and IRV services. RIVCash is the affiliate program for webmasters promoting Rivcams.com communities, the best known community of webcammers.

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    Horrible Arrogant Support RIVCASH

    Finally made some money but got accused of creating multiple accounts which i did not, suspended my account, wrote to them back and forth with replies from them taking days, issue never resolved, can still login to account but cannot access features, or request payout. The support asked all kinds of questions OF WHICH I REPLIED without attending to the issue at hand which is the suspension..asked them to let me know if they want me to continue to promote for them or have them close the account and forfeit the monies owed me. NO REPLIES NOTHING...LEFT ME HOVERING OUT THERE..DISRESPECTFUL AND DISHONEST...NOTHING FROM THEM AT TIME OF THIS REVIEW.

    Good Niche cams, italian, Freach, Uk, Spanish

    Lousy Support, they take a very long time to reply any issues and will find ways not to pay you.

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