Instantly create automatically generated cross-platform PC, Mobile & Tablet webcam sites with cutting edge features and thousands of webcam models. WebcamWiz whitelabels are based on the ImLive webcam site.

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White labels: What, why and how?

White labels are relatively new to cam land, but they are big business. They are a popular and intriguing option for many entrepreneurs in the adult as well as the mainstream industries. It's hard to deny that this cheap way to make some extra money doesn't appeal to a lot of people. That's why you see them pop-up on every corner of the internet. Because it's very easy to create them you'll see th ... [...]

WebcamWiz Reviews

    Easy yes but...

    webcam wiz is really easy to throw up a wl but the system is very buggy i signed up with them when they first started this up and did fairly well for a year or so had a good mix of ppl spending on my sites then got knocked down to rev only which was fine but then a whole lotta nothin i constantly had to hit eran up to fix bugs and just got to the point where i got tired of it period. a month or so ago i wrote a front landing page for my wl with a blog went to publish it next day its gone it just ticked me off so i moved on

    really easy to setup up but very buggy

    buggy and support takes forever most of the time

    Easy to use whitelabel program

    Very nice whitelabel program. You can chose between 35% rev share or 75usd for a sale. It's easy to create a whitelabel and they don't have to be "verified" like on other sites. The only thing is, is that there is a limit. I believe it is 10 whitelabels. If you want to create more you need to contact your rep and they will lift the limit.

    easy and good payouts

    limit on how many you can make. This can be lifted though.

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